About Me

Hello, Welcome to my Chocolate blog site!

My name is Dynell Weber, and I am a part of a healthy vegan chocolate revolution. There are so many chocolates that have lost their health benefits when companies added so much sugar, fillers, and waxes that they became chocolate candy. This blog is here to educate about healthy vegan chocolate, chocolate that is also diabetic friendly, and where one can find it.

A page is under construction which tells my story how I even became involved in this company, and showing you the visual “before” and “after” photos of being on these chocolate products did for me personally. I see myself every day, so I had no idea until just recently when a friend found a photo of me one month before I went on the product.

I was so excited that I sat down and attempted learning how to input the photos. Since I am just a normal person trying to figure these things out, that page may take a little while. It seems more complicated as it would seem, since I have 4 “before” photos, and 4 “after” photos :-)!!!

I am excited to share my personal results though. So, please keep checking back to see if I have it posted yet.

Xocai is a way that anyone can enhance their health, and make a little extra money on the side. Please feel free to browse my articles about Xocai Chocolate products and the company.

Thank you for stopping by, I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Dynell Weber (Pronounced “D’nell Webber)

Your Distributor for a chocolate covered lifestyle.