Exploring Your Income Options & Eating FREE chocolate

I have now built a clientele for Xocai that provides residual income every month. Here are a couple of sources that give me my stream of passive income in the booming chocolate business:

1) Some of my clients decided to do the business and become a team member. Some of those work part time but others have also ‘crossed the bridge’ into a full time home business.

2) I have some clients who only want to eat the chocolate and are on auto-reorder. They are not distributors. They sincerely do not want to sell, but want the product. I call them “eaters”.  It is okay if not all your clients want to be a distributor. Not everyone is comfortable selling. It is still passive non-sell income for you if all a client wants to do is purchase the variety of chocolate products via the auto reorder program.

3) MY FAVORITE: The CHEAP “eater”, the one who wants their chocolate for FREE, but doesn’t want to be a distributor. Your income stream increases with him, too. I will use myself as an example of “HOW“:

I actually started off as a CHEAP EATER … LOL! I was just eating the chocolate, but I wanted my product paid for already. I wanted it FREE. However, I was not interested in selling.

When I lost 20 pounds by flooding my body with antioxidants that Xocai products provide, suddenly my friends all wanted to know what I was doing. They wanted to buy the product, so went on auto reorder. From that point on, I kept getting thank you commission checks from Xocai each month.

Guess what, eventually my commission checks covered my cost for my purchases. It was like getting FREE chocolate. Xocai was personally reimbursing me with the commission checks I didn’t expect. I had officially become a CHEAP EATER. :-)!!!  (that is my term, not Xocai’s) At that point, I was still not a distributor.

How can a client GET FREE PRODUCT? Tell them to refer about 5 people to Xocai. Everyone has 4 or 5 friends that like chocolate. The commission check your client will receive from this hand full of friends will cover the cost of their product. It is that simple.

In other words, not even bad economic times can be the reason why someone can’t afford to eat healthy chocolate. Your clients friends are happy to have chocolate every month, your client gets a THANK YOU check from Xocai for referring those people, that check pays for his product (making it FREE product), and your client is not obligated to do anything beyond this. PLUS, you get your passive income from your client. It is a win-win for everyone in CHOCOLATE HEAVEN.

Now, obviously, I am a distributor.  I’ve seen my personal results in the mirror and how I feel, and to me it isn’t selling. Becoming a distributor was more of an accident, an after thought, something I became before realizing I had become one. I liked getting my chocolate for free with the reimbursement thank you checks”. Then I liked getting a little bit extra when the checks grew. I thought, “well, if a little extra money is good, a lot more extra money is even better.”

Now, in these bad economic times, it is difficult to not give people their income options to explore.

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