Does Chocolate Weight Loss Really Work?

Orange County area Xocai Scam Here is some great news for all Orange County area chocoholics, Long Beach area dieters, busy Santa Barbara area students and Glendale entrepreneurs. In June 2010, Xocai (the antioxidant dark chocolate company) sponsored a weight-loss pilot study which followed 50 participants. The healthy chocolate dieters substituted 2 meals daily with the X-ProteinMeal Replacement Shake.

The study has concluded and I am excited to report that the Xocai review results are phenomenal! The total combined chocolate weight loss was 1,569 pounds! That’s an average of 31 pounds per person! I’d like to see Los Angeles Weigh Watchers, Orange County area NutriSystem, or Santa Barbara area Slim Fast users match that!

Another key health factor is waist circumference. The average reduction for the Xocai chocolate diet participants was 5.8 inches. How many of you Glendale boomers want to shrink your muffin tops by eating dark chocolate?

The following information about the Glendale Xocai chocolate weight loss plan explains some of the reasons for the outstanding results.

  • Use of a protein shake with cocoa and complex carbohydrates reduces the normal pain in the body usually experienced after vigorous exercise by people in Los Angeles.
  • Increased levels of omega 3 assist in Glendale weight loss.
  • Whey protein isolate is very effective in weight loss.
  • Reporting to an interactive web page or participating in a weekly call increases compliance.
  • Socially interactive Santa Barbara area diet programs maximize weight loss.

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